Food education – learning how to cook and how to eat healthily – is a key part of the new design and technology curriculum due to be implemented in September 2014.


You can start a topic in our forums about the new food education curriculum, how you’re planning to implement it in your school and any questions or concerns you might have about it all.


If you're looking at planning lessons, why not check out our collection of resources for Food Education Week.


Here's an idea of what you can expect during Food Education Week:




- A look at what’s being added to the curriculum and how teachers can approach it



In focus: Key Stage 1 cooking and nutrition

An in depth look at Key Stage 1 and what pupils should be taught. Examples of Grain Chain’s resources that meet those requirements.



In focus: Key Stage 2 cooking and nutrition

What are the requirements for this age range and what resources are there out there to deliver these?


The new national curriculum for food: Ideas for teaching

Janet Hickinbottom, national education officer, Farming and Countryside Education, gives an overview of the new national curriculum.


Resources to help teach where food comes from

Farming and Countryside Education has produced a wealth of materials that can be found on the TES Resources site. Here is a selection to help you get started.


Get creative with food and farming education

Janet Hickinbottom takes a look at what can you do to bring this new curriculum alive.

Four steps to food education enlightenment

Bill Graham, education consultant, asks: Given a free hand, what kinds of measures would I introduce to promote a greater understanding of food and its production?



Lots of great information about the new food education curriculum from a policy expert from the Department for Education.

Take your students from farm to fork – via Tesco

Greg Sage talks about the importance of healthy eating and interactive learning.


In focus: Key Stage 3 cooking and nutrition 

Grain Chain takes a look at the Key Stage 3 curriculum for cooking and nutrition, with recommended resources.


Food, farming and Prospect School

Trevor Smith talks about how integrating farming into the curriculum has a long history at Prospect School.


How to make food education relevant? Find the answer at the farm

Janet Hickinbottom, national education officer, Farming and Countryside Education, writes about how visiting a farm can help teach about where food comes from.



Cooking and nutrition – Welcome to the National Curriculum!

Roy Ballam, from the British Nutrition Foundation, writes about some of the fantastic opportunities in the new D and T curriculum for children to be creative, explore real life needs and make (cook!) a range of delicious dishes and meals.


The new food curriculum: No need to reinvent the wheel

In the last of our blog series from Grain Chain, their key message is: Don't panic, the new PoS can be integrated into good quality existing curriculum plans.


Keep an eye out for more blogs, videos and live chats being posted here around Food Education Week and beyond – and have a look at the School Food Plan website for more information in the meantime.