Grain Chain blogs on the opportunities for baking within the new curriculum:

Food education across the curriculum: What's changing?

A look at what the new curriculum means for design and technology, what has changed, and how cooking and nutrition fits in to all of this.,

In focus: Key Stage 1 cooking and nutrition

An in depth look at Key Stage 1 and what pupils should be taught. Examples of Grain Chain’s resources that meet those requirements.

In focus: Key Stage 2 cooking and nutrition

What are the requirements for this age range and what resources are there out there to deliver these?


In focus: Key Stage 3 cooking and nutrition 

Grain Chain takes a look at the Key Stage 3 curriculum for cooking and nutrition, with recommended resources.


The new food curriculum: No need to reinvent the wheel

In the last of our blog series from Grain Chain, their key message is: Don't panic, the new PoS can be integrated into good quality existing curriculum plans.