Paula Owens, primary curriculum development manager at the Geographical Association, on the changes to the primary geography curriculum:

1. Primary: Getting ready for geography

A new curriculum for geography comes into force September 2014. What are its essential messages and how ought we interpret them? Good practice in geography is about a balance of knowledge and skills and a synergistic approach to its constituent parts.

2. Primary: Planning for success

Geography can contribute to school improvement by providing valid contexts for literacy and numeracy, but it's important to get the geography right first. Where do you start?

3. Primary: Geography – A subject to be proud of

How do you evaluate your geography provision? What impact is it having on learners? What is there out there to support you to do this and what is in the pipeline? It's that elephant in the room – assessment.

4. Primary: Thinking geographically

Enquiry, mapping and fieldwork still matter but communication techniques have added a whole new world of possibilities.

5. Primary: Global learning

How do we teach about the wider world? What does good practice look like? What is the DfE Global learning project about and how can our school benefit?