I'm after a bit of help in preparing for an interview lesson. I'm teaching a year 1 mixed ability class a numeracy lesson on place value. There will be 15 children in the class and it's a half hour lesson. I have no idea what the children have already done - I did ring the school to ask but was just told that the children I will be teaching are from 3 different year 1 classes so they've not neccessarily covered the same thing.

I've been doin KS2 more recently and although I have done KS1 before my mind has just gone blank! I want to do a sort of 'mini' lesson, so have a starter, a main activity and a plenary within it and I want it to be very practical. I have some ideas like playing a bingo game with them about place value and using multi-link cubes.....but I'm struggling to bring ideas together to create a lesson.

 Any help and advice wold be much appreciated! Thank you!